Cheryl and I want to thank you for stopping by. Both of us have had the photography bug germinating for many years and we are looking forward to sharing the wonderful beauty that our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has created.

In the past couple of years wedding photography has been drawing us. Shooting a destination wedding for my niece in Hawaii really lit the fire. Since then we’ve been all in.

We both know that time moves on so quickly and there are so many important events in life that cry out to be recorded visually. We’ve decided we want to have a part  in some of those special days, and what’s more glorious  for a couple than their wedding day?

Our prices currently start at $950.00 for eight hours on your wedding day and go up from there, depending on which of our packages you can’t live without : ) This basic package includes a 1 1/2 hour engagement session at no additional cost. We feel strongly that the opportunity to spend some time with a couple before the big day is crucial. The engagement session is perfect for learning about who we are and how the four of us can work together to make the wedding shoot a thing of beauty.

To learn a little more about our style I would direct you to a wedding blog we’ve been featured in, the popular blog Borrowed and Blue, for a shoot we did at Lake Tahoe early in 2013.

We would count it a privilege and an honor to serve you by photographing the most special day of your lives and we would love to hear from you! Feel free to call me on my cell at 916 367 3453 or email us at dennisgharris@gmail.com.