Las Vegas Trip

Cheryl and I visited Hoover Dam between breaks at the ATRA Expo in Vegas last October.

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Lake Tahoe Wedding

Cheryl and I had a great time photographing Stephanie and Miles wedding at Lake Tahoe last January. We  are so thrilled to hear that this wedding was featured by Borrowed and Blue wedding blog. It is the first time we’ve had one of our weddings featured in another blog and we’re on cloud nine. Maybe that doesn’t sound very sophisticated but hey its a big deal.





Josh and Chippy Christmas Pictures

Cheryl and I were going to be in L.A. to shoot a wedding for the lovely Laura so Josh and Chippy  had us shoot a few pictures for their Christmas cards.

IMG_5187 222.JPGIMG_6252 222.JPGIMG_6106 222.JPGchippy3.JPG






Trash the Dress

There is an increasingly popular add-on to the wedding pictures that are normally taken and it’s referred to as “Trash the Dress”.  It usually revolves around water and has the bride wearing her dress into the ocean, lake, stream, etc. We haven’t had the opportunity to shot one of these yet so when Mark Behrens sent us an email saying he was going to be conducting one of his workshops around this theme we jumped in the car and headed for Clear Creek Gorge.

There were about fifteen other photographers and eight models and we had a great time practicing our craft and I didn’t end up dropping my car keys in the river after all.

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Trash the dress-1.jpgTrash the dress-2.jpgTrash the dress-3.jpgTrash the dress-4.jpgTrash the dress-7.jpgTrash the dress-8.jpgTrash the dress-9.jpgIMG_2304 222.JPG





Ron and Vivienne

Ron and Vivienne are a great couple who met through square dancing and still enjoy dancing whenever they can! We had a wonderful time photographing their wedding at her parent’s home in Nevada City, California in June. Everything was so special with many unique details created by Vivienne and her family! Her mother made the wedding/square dance dress and Ron’s shirt as well as the beautiful ring-bearer’s pillow. Her daughter helped create the invitations and guest book cover as well as Vivienne’s jewelry. Her sister did the floral bouquets and arrangements and Ron’s brother and sister-in-law brought gourmet quiches and herbal teas and fresh lavender lemonade for the reception with recipes from their Sweet Cottage home-based business! There were many family heirlooms involved in the wedding details as well.
Of course, it’s always a pleasure working with people who treat you like part of the family and are such a joy to get to know!





Test Post

Putting in the Wedding Lawn



The photo above shows how things looked when our day began. With the wedding day  just around the bend, we were blessed  to be able to combine a meeting with the bride and groom with helping them to prepare the venue!   We enjoyed helping Ron, Vivienne and her parents Larry and Bev  to put in a lawn in front of the gazebo where the ceremony will be held. We can’t wait to get back in four weeks to see what other magic they will add to the gorgeous setting. Below is the photo showing how teamwork and good weather can create a whole new look. Immediately after we finished the job, the skies opened to water the new sod which was just what was needed. Isn’t God good? :)






Joshua Tree National Park

A couple of weeks ago Cheryl and I took the long drive to 29 Palms. We went to be a part of a reunion of sorts with Josh, Stephen, Thomas and their cousin Nick Johnson. Nick is stationed at 29 Palm. We all went out to Joshua Tree National Park Saturday. Rock climbing, picture taking, just enjoying each other’s company. The picture below is of one of the rock mountains the boys climbed. Hard to see but the four of them are on the summit while Cheryl and I enjoyed the view. What a beautiful place. I’ll upload some more pictures later.



The Wedding in Maui

Is was quite the trip. Flew into Honolulu on a Thursday afternoon and then caught a flight to Maui. The wind was really howling when we landed and stayed that way the rest of our trip. Sort of put a damper on our whale watching, that and the earliness of the season provided us with only a couple of whale sightings and one tail shot. Very blurry.

Whale tail

Friday morning left the condo about 3 AM to drive to the top of Haleakala. Got in place at about 5 for the sunrise. We thought the wind was howling at the airport. You can imagine what it was doing at 10,00 feet. What a sight, the stars were incredible. This is a picture of the Observatory at the summit with the sky as a backdrop.

Haleakala Summit.JPG

A few of the sunrise pictures.


A Journey Begins

Most of the time when a trip or journey begins you have some idea where it is headed, although we never know where it is going to end up. That’s exactly how I feel about this latest “adventure/journey” Cheryl and I are on. We’ve invested a lot of time and some money in getting better at taking pictures. The people listed below are a small list of those who have been helpful, instructional, encouraging and challenging.

As time goes by I know I’ll keep adding to this list.

Our next great adventure is to photograph the wedding reception of my niece Sarah Stiles and her fiance Evan in Hawaii. I know tough duty. Josh, Cheryl’s son, is the one who lit the fire under us last Christmas by giving me his old Canon Rebel. After close to a year of trying to view the small screen on the back of the Rebel we bit the bullet and bought a new Canon 5D Mark II. Now that was one big step! I’ve been busy trying to learn how to properly use this great blessing from the Lord. Last night we froze on the back porch getting flash exposures to come out clear.

Practice on The Candles 



Exposure with back lighting


We would both like to travel and do the photography thing full time but until that is possible we continue to wait and look and learn. Sounds like a never ending process. When you  think of it, that isn’t a bad thing. : )